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The Ultimate Guide to Diamond Blade Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Diamond Blade Maintenance

Diamond blades are a key instrument for cutting hard materials like metal, stone, masonry, and more. However, despite the diamond blade’s usefulness, many beginner contractors may have never worked with one before. If this is the case for you, now is the time to brush up on your knowledge with this ultimate guide to diamond blade maintenance. Learn how to take care of your diamond blades and the benefits of keeping a well-maintained blade.

Diamond Blade Maintenance

If you’re new to using diamond blades, you might not be familiar with the maintenance tips you need to help them stay in good shape. Below you will find some of the best tips for cleaning, maintaining, and storing your diamond blades.

Cleaning Diamond Blades

It’s best to clean your diamond blades between uses. There are several ways to clean your diamond and other saw blades. For removing surface dust and debris, you can simply use a can of compressed air to loosen and remove stubborn particles from the blade. For handling slurry and other hard-to-remove stains, consider creating a mixture of cleaning agent with soap and water. You can soak the blade for a few minutes, scrubbing the stains with a synthetic or metal bristle brush. Finally, rinse your blade with clean water and dry it completely. Whenever you use water on a metal saw blade, you need to make sure to dry the blade thoroughly and quickly before rust can form. Once you’ve thoroughly washed and dried your blade, you can store it before its next use.

Proper Diamond Blade Storage

Like cleaning instructions, storage requirements may also range from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, be sure to handle and transport your diamond blades with care. Just because the blades aren’t attached to a saw doesn’t mean they can’t still do damage. The general guidelines for storing traditional diamond blades include a dry environment with a stable temperature. Too much moisture or fluctuating levels can cause humidity and condensation, which will rust your diamond blades. Temperature variations can cause hairline cracks and other damage. The best place to store these blades is inside a temperature-controlled moisture-proof toolbox. Make sure that the blades have a snug fit, so they don’t rattle around inside your storage.

Diamond Blade Repairs

Part of diamond blade maintenance is scheduling your blades for regular repairs. If you notice damage to one of your blades, safely store it away and schedule repairs with a professional. The thought of putting one of their tools out of commission for repairs might elicit frustration in some contractors. However, a temporary decrease in productivity is better than damaging these tools further or causing an accident on the job site. Never continue to use a diamond blade or any other workshop tool if it shows signs of damage. For example, in the case of diamond blades, the diamond-encrusted segments can occasionally chip or break off entirely. While one missing segment might not look like much, it can ruin your working material, resulting in a scrapped project.

Common Troubleshooting and Fixes

A lack of proper care and maintenance can lead to issues with your diamond blades. Improper use could also be to blame for common troubleshooting errors that you experience on the job. One of the most common troubleshooting issues with diamond blades is segment loss and chipping. If you notice your diamond blades are losing segment after segment, you may need to switch to a softer bond. The rule of thumb is to use a softer bond or harder materials and vice versa. This incorrect choice of blade could also be the reason your diamond blades aren’t grinding or cutting materials properly. Additionally, always remember to replace worn parts and missing segments.

How To Prevent Damage

Identifying and fixing these common troubleshooting issues can help prevent damage to your diamond blades in the future. However, there are other ways to prevent damage before you start to notice issues with your tools. Consider adding tool inspections to your care and maintenance routine to identify any issues before they get worse or cause injuries. Carve out a moment between cleaning and storing your diamond blades to inspect their now dust-free surfaces. If you notice any damage, set these blades aside and schedule them for repairs as we’ve covered.

Benefits of Diamond Blade Maintenance

If you’re wondering why you should follow so many steps to perform diamond blade maintenance, here’s a quick overview of some of the benefits of caring for your blades (and what could happen if you don’t). To start, the average diamond blade can last anywhere from 12 to 120 hours. Performing maintenance on your diamond blades can help you get the most years out of your blades and push them towards the top of this range. This means you’ll need to purchase fewer diamond blades—and if you really take good care of them, you won’t need to schedule frequent repair sessions either. As mentioned above, maintenance can also help prevent damage from occurring to your tools and equipment. Preventing damage to your tools can help reduce accidents and stalled equipment in your workshop too.

When To Replace Your Diamond Blades

No matter how careful you are with your blades, and even if you perform all the above maintenance steps regularly, your diamond blades won’t last forever. After their 12-to-120-hour lifespan runs out, you’ll start to notice signs that you need to replace your blades. The most notable sign is when your diamond-covered segments have become bare. Without the diamond particles, the saw will lose its abrasiveness. When you see the blade’s core, you’ll know it’s time for a new blade. Additionally, when your diamond blade’s performance is affected, this could be a sign that the blade is worn out. Choose tools from trusted brands that offer increased longevity and strength, such as Shoxx diamond blades.

We hope this ultimate guide to diamond blade maintenance has helped you learn more about working with diamond blades and why it’s so important to care for them properly. If you’re looking to stock up on diamond blades for your workshop, browse our shop here at ProBlades Outlet. We carry blades from all the best brands, including Shoxx diamond blades and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Diamond Blade Maintenance

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