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Diamond Blades

Pro Blades Outlet offers best-in-class diamond blades. Make any cutting job easier, faster, and safer with quality diamond saw blades from Pro Blades Outlet.

We carry diamond tools in three product ranges: SHOXX, MASTER, and TECHNIC series. Whether you’re cutting concrete, asphalt, tile, or granite, we have the diamond circular saw blades you need.

Pros know that a sharper, more durable blade is a safer blade. And there is no more durable cutting tool than a diamond tool. Pro Blade Outlet provides the highest-quality diamond circular saw blades for professionals in concrete, tuckpointing, road building, and stone cutting.

Since you purchased your last set of blades, manufacturers may have introduced products that incorporate new features or engineering that make them even better than what you have now. Browse our collection of diamond saw blades today.

local_offer Save $109.00

MASTER BFM Concrete Diamond Blade

$235.00  $344.00

MASTER MST Universal Diamond Blade


SHOXX TX13 14'' - 510905
SHOXX TX13 16'' - 510915
local_offer Save $46.00

SHOXX® TX13 Special (asphalt/concrete) Diamond Blade

$219.00  $265.00

SHOXX RX13 14'' - 510529
SHOXX RX13 16'' - 510624
local_offer Save $87.00

SHOXX® RX13 TOPSPEED Concrete Diamond Blade

$97.00  $184.00

MASTER BGM Concrete Diamond Blade


MASTER USM Concrete Diamond Blade


MASTER ASM 12'' - 500044
MASTER ASM 14''-500045
local_offer Save $66.75

MASTER ASM Asphalt Diamond Blade

$140.00  $206.75

TECHNIC MES Universal Diamond Blade


MASTER KCM Tiles Diamond Blade


MASTER TPM Universal Diamond Blade


TECHNIC TPT Universal Diamond Blade


SHOXX GX13 SILENCIO Granite Diamond Blade


SHOXX KX13 9''
local_offer Save $32.25

SHOXX KX13 Special Diamond Blade

$69.00  $101.25

local_offer Save $9.75

MASTER RESCUE BLADE Special Diamond Blade

$21.50  $31.25

local_offer Save $56.00

SHOXX KSX Tiles Diamond Blade

$169.50  $225.50

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