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Signs You Need To Replace Your Concrete Circular Saw Blade

Signs You Need To Replace Your Concrete Circular Saw Blade

Diamond saw blades are a unique type of blade with unique care requirements. If you notice any signs of wear and tear on your concrete circular saw blades, it could be an indication that you need to replace them. Keep reading to learn more about diamond blade wear and tear and when to replace them.

Broken or Missing Segments

Occasionally, your concrete cutting diamond blades will lose a segment or acquire damage. Always store your diamond blades safely in a tool chest or sturdy carrying case to prevent accidents and broken segments. You might be able to find a repair service that can fix broken or missing diamond segments, but most often, your saw will require a replacement blade.

Blades Start To Become Dull

After long hours of cutting, any type of saw blade will start to lose its sharpness. Circular saw blades will start to become dull, which results in a less accurate cut. This pattern of dullness is easy to spot on a diamond blade—if your blade’s segments look smooth and you can no longer see the diamond particles, this means your diamond blade has dulled. Unlike traditional saw blades, you can’t simply sharpen a diamond saw blade. You'll need to replace the diamond segments and bond once your blades wear out.

Slow Cutting Times

Besides actively inspecting your blades, you can also tell whether they’ve become dull if their cutting speed starts to slow. If you notice your circular saw blades take longer to cut into your concrete or they don’t respond to the material, power off your saw and take a closer look at the blade. If you notice the above signs of dullness, you’ll need to switch out your blade with a new one.

If you notice several of these signs you need to replace your blade in your own concrete circular saws, it might be time for a replacement blade. Fortunately, you can find a variety of saw blades at ProBlades Outlet, including diamond concrete saw blades.

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