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How Long Do Diamond Cutting Blades Last?

How Long Do Diamond Cutting Blades Last?

If you’re getting ready to cut any type of masonry material, you will need a diamond cutting blade. These blades are unique in that they grind away masonry materials to create a cut. This process is aided by small diamond particles bonded to the edge of the blade. These particles and the blade won’t last forever, no matter how well you take care of them. Find out how long you can expect diamond cutting blades to last in the average workshop.

How Long Do Diamond Blades Last

Diamond blades can last anywhere from 10 hours to over 100 hours of use, depending on how you use them. Each blade has a different quality, bond, specialty, and more. Some diamond saw blades are crafted for cutting through different materials, such as concrete. Using a blade that isn’t intended for cutting concrete to cut this material will cause the blade to quickly wear and lose segments. Always pair your blades with the right material. Under the right conditions and with careful use, your diamond blades can successfully cut for dozens of hours.

How To Tell When a Blade Needs Replacing

During the cutting and grinding process, the diamond particles slowly wear away, causing the blade’s edge to become smoother. Once there are no diamonds left on the segments, the blade will stop grinding. If your blade is no longer making smooth cuts or taking longer to make a cut, these are sure signs that it’s time to replace your blade. When using a diamond blade on the wrong type of material, it’s common for the segments to break away, which will also require a replacement blade.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Blades

To get the longest life out of your diamond blades, you must treat them with care. As mentioned, only use these blades on the correct materials that they were manufactured to cut. Always note the bond and core of the diamond blades you’re working with as well—the bonds that hold the diamonds can vary from blade to blade and are better at cutting harder or softer materials. Finally, clean and store your blades carefully between uses. This will help preserve them even when you’re not using them.

We hope this quick guide has helped explain how long diamond cutting blades can last. If you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable diamond blade that will last in the right conditions, browse our selection of blades here at ProBlades Outlet.

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