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Granite vs. Marble Diamond Blades: What’s the Difference?

Granite vs. Marble Diamond Blades: What’s the Difference?

Selecting the right blade for the right job is crucial when working with hard materials like stone and masonry. However, it can be difficult to note the differences between similar stone cutting blades. For example, if you’re choosing between granite and marble diamond blades, you might be wondering what the difference is between the two. Keep reading to learn more about how each blade is distinct.

Different Requirements

Granite and marble stones have unique compositions, which means the blades you use to cut them will naturally have different formulas as well. Granite is a much harder stone than marble, which requires a sharper blade, usually one made of iron.

Because marble is a softer stone, manufacturers must make the diamond blades for cutting marble distinct from granite diamond blades. Marble cutting diamond blades can grind marble without clogging due to the softer material. You’ll get the smoothest and easiest cut when you use the matching diamond blade to cut marble.

Different Appearance

When working with both granite and marble diamond blades in your workshop, you can usually tell the difference between these blades based on their appearance. To an untrained eye, the two blades might look indistinguishable, but a stone cutting professional will be able to point out the differences in color and grade. Marble cutting blades typically feature a yellow coloration due to their rigid, copper composition, while granite blades have a silver or gray color due to their iron formula. The grooves of granite and marble blades are different for each blade. Marble blades commonly feature hooks or U-slots, while you’ll commonly find granite blades with key slots. Even the texture and welding seam between granite and marble blades is unique to each blade.

Different Size and Thickness

While many of the blades optimized for granite and marble cutting are circular saw blades, each one can still vary in appearance based on size and thickness. For example, granite cutting blades are typically harder and thicker than marble blades. Marble cutting blades are smaller and thinner so that they won’t get clogged up with the soft material.

Remember these differences between granite vs. marble diamond blades the next time you need to browse stone cutting tools. Whether you’re looking for blades to cut granite, concrete, or asphalt, you can find all the tools you need here at Pro Blades Outlet.

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