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Diamond Core Drilling Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Diamond Core Drilling Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Diamond core drill bits are a specific type of bit used for drilling stone and masonry materials. Builders, contractors, and other industrial workers rely on diamond core bits to make the drilling process easier and more efficient. However, diamond core bits are unique and have different applications; because of this, it can be easy for beginners to misuse them. Keep reading to learn some of the most common diamond core drilling mistakes you need to avoid while using these tools. Avoiding these mistakes can help you save time and money, and can help prevent accidents and injuries on the job.

Not Comparing the Different Types of Drill Bits

Diamond core drill bits are specialty bits used by contractors, builders, and manufacturers to drill holes in a variety of materials. Diamond bits are specifically designed to drill holes in concrete, asphalt, brick, masonry blocks, and other stone materials that render different types of drill bits ineffective. Don’t make the mistake of using a standard drill bit on stone materials, or you risk damaging your equipment and causing injuries. There are also other concrete and masonry bits that aren’t diamond core, so make sure you’re looking for diamond drill bits when preparing for your heavy-duty stone drilling projects.

Using the Wrong Diamond Core Bit

Once you understand the distinct types of drill bits and their differences, it's crucial to choose carefully for your next project. Using the wrong diamond drill bit can cause you to waste time, materials, and labor costs. Be sure to match the diamond core bit to the material you’re working with, whether that’s masonry, brick, concrete, asphalt, or another material. Additionally, always size your drill bits correctly based on the size of the hole you need to drill.

Not Measuring First

“Measure twice, cut once” is an age-old phrase in construction, and the same applies to drilling. Before you start drilling into any of your working materials, be sure to measure the length of the holes you need, as well as their placements. Without proper measurements, you risk ruining your piece of stone or other material and may be forced to scrap the whole thing. Before you even begin the drilling process, you’ll also need to determine the best drill bit size necessary to achieve the depth and length of the holes to be drilled. This will help you save time and money on both labor and working materials, not to mention avoid having to restart your demanding work.

Causing the Drill Bit To Overheat

When you expose a stone surface to the intense grinding process of drilling with a diamond core drill bit, a high amount of heat is generated. The drilling process can quickly cause your drill to overheat, meaning you will need to pause your work to let it cool. The back and forth between drilling and pausing will impact your workflow on the jobsite, ultimately leading to a decrease in efficiency. Fortunately, there are ways to use temperature control to reduce or delay the overheating process. With wet diamond core bits and lubricants, you can reduce the heat produced during the traditional drilling process—this is known as the wet diamond core drilling process. It will also help reduce the amount of dust and debris produced from drilling, which promotes healthier working conditions.

Not Using the Correct PPE

When using any type of power tool or heavy-duty equipment on the job, you must wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Failure to wear proper protective gear can result in injuries and accidents that harm yourself and those around you. The drilling process—especially masonry drilling—can send heavy amounts of dust and debris into the air, which requires workers to wear protective glasses or goggles as well as a dust mask or respirator. Also, certain pieces of equipment and working environments can produce loud sounds that require professional-grade earmuffs or earplugs. Finally, additional gear such as protective gloves or clothing may be required depending on the drilling job.

Not Being Familiar With Troubleshooting

If you don’t have much experience using a diamond drill bit, be sure to familiarize yourself with some common troubleshooting issues that can occur with diamond bit drilling. If you encounter an error with your equipment and don’t know how to address it, this can impact your efficiency and cause your workflow to grind to a halt.

Just like diamond blades, diamond core drill bits can experience cracked or lost segments, excessive wear and tear, and more. Pay attention to the bond that your diamond core bit uses. If you find your bit is cracking or losing segments, consider switching to a softer diamond core bond for harder working materials. If your bit develops excessive wear on its segments, consider switching to a wet drilling method by using coolant to lubricate the drill. If your bit shows excessive wear during the wet drilling process, try increasing the coolant levels and checking the water lines.

Where To Learn More About Diamond Core Drilling

These are some of the main diamond core drilling mistakes to avoid, but you might be wondering where you can learn more. If you have additional questions about diamond core drill bits or the drilling process in general, contact ProBlades Outlet today. We can explain the equipment you need for diamond core drilling and recommend the best drill bits for your job. With us, you will find a wide variety of diamond drill bits, blades, and other types of masonry-compatible tools.

When it comes to diamond core drill bits, it can be easy to misuse these tools without the right experience. But now that you know these common diamond core drilling mistakes to avoid, you will be better prepared to use these tools correctly the first time. Not to mention, your business will save money on time, resources, and replacement tools by treating your drill bits with care. If you do find your business in need of replacement drill bits, you can always find diamond core drill bits and blades at ProBlades Outlet.

Diamond Core Drilling Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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