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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Diamond Blades

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Diamond Blades

Diamond blades make tough cutting jobs easier and provide accurate, clean cuts when used properly. But if you’re not aware of these five mistakes to avoid when using diamond blades, your project could turn into a big mess.

Using the Wrong Blade

While some blades are dubbed “universal” or “all-purpose,” these blades are still only appropriate for occasional use, and you may need to switch blades when cutting different types of material. For heavy or even daily use, choose the correct blade for the material you’re cutting.

When shopping for diamond cutting blades, select segmented, serrated, or continuous blades depending on whether you are cutting concrete, stone, tile, or glass. Segmented blades eject debris, while continuous blades offer a clean cut, making them ideal for tile and glass. Serrated blades are continuous blades that have gullets to help remove debris.

Forcing or Burying the Blade

Diamond blades know how to do their jobs if you’ll let them. Don’t bury the blade too deeply into the cut, and don’t force the blade with added pressure or pushing. Users should think of themselves more as guides than as a power source for the blade.

Using a Wet Blade for Dry Cutting

Wet cut blades require water as a coolant. Using a blade made for wet cutting on a dry surface can cause the blade to overheat or even break, which can be dangerous. Be sure you know which type of blade you’re buying and what the blade’s intended use is before you use it.

Installing the Blade Backward

This mistake is more common than you might think. While blades installed backward will still cut, they will wear out much more quickly. Follow the directional arrows on the blade and the included instructions to make sure you have properly installed the blade on your saw.

Using a Poorly Maintained or Mismatched Saw

Diamond blades have ratings that indicate the type of saws they’ll fit and the optimal RPMs of the saws appropriate to use with them. Make sure your saw and blades are compatible.

A poorly maintained, dirty saw with loose screws, nuts, or bolts or a blade that stutters and shifts speeds can damage your diamond blade.

Avoiding these common mistakes when using diamond blades can prolong the life of your blade and saw, giving you better cutting results. For help choosing the right blade for your job, consult the experienced diamond blade suppliers at ProBlades Outlet. We’ll help you select the right blade for your job.

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