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3 Tips for Choosing a Granite Diamond Blades

3 Tips for Choosing a Granite Diamond Blades

Diamond saw blades are the industry standard for cutting hard materials like stone, concrete, and tile, as well as softer or more fragile materials like glass. Workers faced with the task of cutting stone have many choices in saw blades. Check out these three tips for choosing granite diamond blades and put them to use the next time you’re in the market for replacement blades.


The three standard types of diamond blades are segmented, serrated, and continuous. All can cut granite, but they work a bit differently.

Serrated blades or “turbo” blades have gullets for dissipating heat and debris, but they don’t have separate segments. Serrated blades are great for cutting granite, as they provide fast cuts to produce a smoother edge.

Segmented blades separate sections on the blade core by spaces. These spaces permit cooling and help remove debris or “slurry” from the cut. They can be used for granite but are more often used for asphalt and pavers.

Continuous blades have no gullets or spaces and provide a smooth cut with less risk of chipping than a serrated or segmented blade.


The bond describes how the diamonds are affixed to the blade. Softer bonds wear away faster, exposing fresh, sharp diamonds, while hard bonds last longer. Hard materials like granite require blades with softer bonds that will continuously expose new, sharp diamond pieces to maintain their cutting edge. The best tip for choosing granite diamond blades is to pay attention to the bond, the amount and type of granite you’re cutting, and how precise the cuts must be. The right bond ensures the sharpest, most effective continuous cut.


Grit on a diamond blade is much like the grit on sandpaper—a coarse grit has larger, more widely separated diamond crystals, while a fine grit has smaller crystals affixed more densely. Diamond blades for cutting granite usually have a coarser grit.

Whether you’re cutting granite for a kitchen countertop or building cladding, your choice of granite diamond blade will affect the quality of the cut and the outcome of the job. Browse Pro Blades Outlet to find the high-quality granite diamond blade you need for your next project.

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